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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my existing email address?

Yes - you still need your existing email account! SODA3™ is simply a filtered email viewing service. SODA3™ will connect to your existing email account for you and determine which messages match your "important senders" list, then show you only those messages, without all the clutter.

Does SODA3™ delete my mail?

No. When you download your mail through SODA3™, you will only see mail from your designated "important senders", but it is all still there in your mailbox, and you can download it all as normal from your PC without connection via SODA3™.

Could SODA3™ delete mail if I want it to?

If you have your email system set up to delete messages when they are downloaded, or you specifically ask it to delete messages from the server, then this will still happen. SODA3™ does not differ from a standard mail server in this respect. Be aware however though, that your mailbox may be filling up with junk mail that you're not seeing, so it's not recommended to use SODA3™ as your sole method of downloading email and clearing out your mailbox account!

Can I check several mail accounts?

Yes, SODA3™ allows you to view mail from up to 5 mailboxes, and presents all your mail in one neat junk-free view.

Where do I find my existing email account settings?

You can ask your email provider, or lookup the settings in your existing email software. We have step-by-step guides to finding this information in the following mail programs:

[ Outlook ] [ Outlook Express ] [ Apple Mail ] [ Mozilla ]

How do I set up my iPhone or iPod Touch to work with SODA3™?

See our [ iPhone configuration guide ] for step by step instructions and screenshots.

Is my mail kept secure?

Your mail is automatically relayed to you through the SODA3™ service. No record of, or copy of your email, in whole or in part, is kept and stored on our systems, or passed to any third party. Please see our privacy details on the 'terms' page for more information.

How do I send mail through SODA3™?

SODA3™ is used for filtering your incoming mail. You should continue to use your existing settings for your outgoing (SMTP) mail.

Does SODA3™ support SecurePop/APOP/POP3S or IMAP?

Currently SODA3™ only supports standard POP3. We are looking into possibilities of incorporating other protocol support if there is demand for it. If anything is of paritcular interest please register your interest through the 'Help' page. This will help us to prioritise future upgrades of the service.

I don't want a free trial, how do I sign up for full service?

Simply sign up for a free trial in order to create your account, then click on the "Payments" link inside your account to extend your subscription beyond the initial free 7 day period.

Any other questions?

Please [ contact us ].


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