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SODA3™ - Email filtering for your iPhone

Keep your email address ... No jailbreaking ... No software installs

Full control over whose email reaches your iPhone

SODA3™ shows you just the important emails while you're on the move, based on a list of VIP contacts. Your other, less urgent email stays in your email box for you to read later.

How SODA3™ works

When you check your mail on the SODA3™ server, SODA3™ opens your real mailbox, and picks out just the emails from the senders on your VIP list.

Nothing is deleted, so all your mail remains on your server ready for you to check when you get home, or back to the office.

Setting up SODA3™ on your iPhone

See our step by step guide to setting up SODA3™ on your iPhone.


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