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Setting up SODA3™ on your iPhone

iPhone & iPod configuration guide

  1. Register for a SODA3™ account online and enter your VIP contacts
  2. On your iPhone, touch Settings then Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Touch Add Account...
  4. Select Other as type of account, then Add Mail Account:

  5. Enter your Name, Email Address and the SODA3™ password you chose when registering. You can optionally enter a description for the account if you wish.

    Then, press Save to continue.

  6. Select the POP tab at the top of the screen:

  7. Enter the details for Incoming Mail Server as follows:

    Host Name:
    User Name: Your soda3 username
    Password: Your soda3 password.

  8. Enter your normal settings for Outgoing Mail Server as supplied by your ISP. You should use the server settings you normally use to send mail. If you are using your account mobile, and are an AT&T customer, use with no username or password.

    Then touch Save to continue.

  9. Choose YES to use non-SSL when asked

Your iPhone will verify the account details for a moment, then the account will be added.

When you check your email through your SODA3™ account, you will see email only from those VIP senders you listed in your SODA3™ account settings online at

You can update your VIP sender list at any time, and next time you check your mail the new filters will take effect.

IMPORTANT - You need to periodically download all your mail without using SODA3™ in order to delete junk mail from your mailbox - otherwise your mailbox may become full, and unable to receive new email.


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